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Standard earbuds present a persistent problem for everyone who uses them. How do you manage the cord? If you let your earbud cord hang loose, it gets caught on everything you pass by. People come up with many techniques for feeding the cord down their shirt, up their back or around their neck. Even then, when their earbuds are not being used, they bounce around getting further tangled.

Elroy addresses all these problems with a new wearable bluetooth device. Elroy removes 2/3 off the standard earbud cord length and replaces it with a wearable bluetooth unit. The earbuds magnetically attach to docking plates on the side of the unit. This is an activated magnetic attachment system. Magnetic switches activate useful functions like, answering calls, terminating calls and pausing music.

This magnetic docking gives your earbuds a home. When not in use, rather than letting your earbuds dangle and tangle, Elroy’s earbuds remain attached to the bluetooth unit ready for use. When your phone rings with an incoming call, answering the call is just a matter of removing an earbud and placing it in your ear. When you’re done with a conversation, terminating the call is accomplished by simply replacing an earbud to its docking point.

Music is just as easy. When listening to your favorite tunes, there’s no fumbling with buttons to pause your music when you need to talk with someone. Just place the earbuds on their magnetic docks and that pauses your tunes.

Elroy: Enjoy Simple